Annie Swanson – Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant

In the Classic SCORE video Paramount Annie Swanson, Annie’s head-hunter sends the big busted housewife to some other job. It is guaranteed that Annie is plan to receive into more trouble this time when she meets mate nursing assistant Lilith. Employed as a candy striper in a local hospital to assist the patients with sponge baths and monitoring their life signs, Annie is destined to become a popular employee.

At first her only thought is about her job. After all, she’s been throughout two previous jobs the head-hunter sent her to. This is not intend to be easy with lascivious brunette hair Lilith. She’ll be Annie’s guide into candy striper-patient rogering.

Joey is charming racked up but his rod is intact and that’s all Lilith and Annie have any interest in. How the daybed didn’t break in their sloppy three-some is a miracle of modern medicine. The girls run Joey through his paces and, for a head trauma martyr, all of his required functions are working good! They even come up with some unconventional poses…the deeper the fit, the more outstanding. With two boob goddesses under his control, his prognosis for shooting a load of cum all over ’em looks admirable. Or is this smooth operator underneath their control?

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