Alexya – Beautiful As A Painting

Glamorous As A Painting

Pretty As A Painting

A living work of art, sensuous Alexya leaves our studio location for the scenic and serene countryside where that babe can practice her breast art in the new air and sunshine. Her masterpiece is starting to take shape as this babe removes her hot garments bit by bit and applies brush strokes to her natural large love melons. Her nude love melons become a canvas for her artistic interests. In the episode, Alexya paints on canvas using her hooters as her brushes. In time, this painting will be worth a fortune.

SCORE: Were you the bustiest goddess when you were in school?

Alexya: I did not have such larger than average mammaries when I was in school. I was about Eighteen or Nineteen years mature when they started to grow. I was very surprised.

SCORE: Do you play any sports?

Alexya: I exercise at home but nothing constantly.

SCORE: What are your hobbies?

Alexya: I adore to read books. I too adore to travel.

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