A Brazilian babe.

A Brazilian honey bunny.

A Brazilian beauty.

“Yeah, I’m one of these wannabe actresses who came to Los Angeles to make it larger than typical,” told Nikki. “I’m realistic sufficient to know that I am not intend to make it: three crowd scene parts in a year is not a career. So I’m saving up to go back to Brazil. My family left there when I was 12. I’ve got relatives there who have some great job opportunities for me. To be honest, I’m sick of all the LA-lifestyle bullshit. Rio is just as precious. The ladies man I’m sleeping with told me about NN and offered to take fotos for me to send in,” said Nikki. “We don’t tell our mutual friends that we’re in a relationship with ‘coz glamorous much all we do is receive together to bonk, with an occasional meal out now and then. I decided to pose for him so that if I can’t be a episode star, I can at least be a jacked-over magazine and website star. I love being in front of cameras; I don’t care whether they shoot clip or stills. And I loved taking my sexy outfit off and getting nasty for strangers to relish.”

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