40something (Score Special 165): 80 Photos of Vera

40something (Score Special 165): 80 Pics of Vera

Vera realized that babe needed a change in her life when her 18-year-old daughter confessed that this babe had done a porn movie scene. “It was a matter of joke,” Vera told through a translator. “I realized that I was not angry at her. I was jealous. It sounded so exciting.”

After her daughter broke the news to her, Vera took a look in the mirror and was happy with what she saw: A nice-looking face that topped off a curvy body with large, natural meatballs and a buxom, womanly wazoo. “A hardly any days later, I said to my daughter, ‘Honey, I’d like to meet your photographer.’ I think this babe thought I was plan to confront the person, but then I explained what I had in mind.”

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