40Something (SCORE Special 159): 70 Photos of Piper Arrow

40Something (SCORE Specific 159): 70 Pics of Piper Arrow

Her allies call her Piper, as in the name of the dunky plane, the Piper Arrow. This babe is sleek. This babe is fast. She flies high. “Flying is my hobby,” the 43-year-old divorcee told. “Sex is my passion.”

Piper has combined her hobby and her excitement, especially since her divorce final spring. “I banged the pilot of a commercial airline,” that babe said. “I got his attention when we were boarding the plane, and at Thirty,000 feet, this Lothario gave me the signal to pursue him back to the crap-house. He drilled me doggy style, and the engine noise drowned out my screaming.”

Now that this babe is divorced, Piper is ready to fly high sexually. “I was silly,” that babe said. “I married the 1st ladies man I had sex with, and for 20 years, I had no idea what real carnal joy was about. Now I am finding out, and I am loving it. Sex isn’t all about cumming. It’s about everything that leads up to that point. Wonderful sex should final for hours.”

“Don’t just stick your cock in my mouth and wait me to acquire lewd,” Piper said. “Get me concupiscent 1st. Play with my love melons. Suck my teats gently, then a little harder. Eat my fur pie. Make me so hot, I can’t await to acquire your schlong in my face hole. If u do that, I promise u, I’ll be the finest lay you have ever had.”

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