40Something October 2007 Special #153: 70 Photos of Bibette Blanche

40Something October 2007 Peculiar #153: 70 Pictures of Bibette Blanche

Like many of the sweethearts who appear in 40Something, impressive Bibette Blanche is a swinger whose partner encourages all aspects of her blossoming sexuality. “I’ll not at all forget my first swingers party,” the curvacious 34-23-35 looker told us. “There were undressed bodies everywhere!”
Bibette is marvelous pleased about her Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK status. “I love the idea of younger dudes looking at me and getting rock hard,” that babe told. “My first carnal experience was with an older gent who taught me all about fun. Now, moreover being with my hubby, that is one of my beloved things to do: be a carnal mentor for a youthful lady-killer who is just starting to shag!
I love to train!”

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