40Something May 2007 Special 147: 70 Photos of Lola Lee

40Something May 2007 Peculiar 147: 70 Pix of Lola DANNY

The ravishing Lola JOHN initially debuted in 40Something in June 2006. Her solo set leaked sexuality that only comes with maturity. And Lola herself is the first to admit that this babe merely came into her own–sexually speaking–once she got past the 50-year JERRY! This blond Texan (yes, she is a Dallas Cowboys fan) merely got into swinging in the last pair of years. In order to satisfy her search for swinging partners, she started a site, lolaslair.com and from there, well, the rest is history! For you stat freaks, Lola was born on Sept. 25, this babe has blonde hair, brown eyes, is 5′ 6″, weighs approximately 135 lbs. and is a shapely 38-29-38 with a 34D undergarment. That babe loves to read mysteries, do arts and crafts and shop but she detests to be tickled (her feet are the almost any ticklish part of her body). She prefers high cut swim dress belts unless she’s worried about a panty line, in which case she’ll wear a thong. She’s a bi-sexual who loves chicks but “adores males.” That babe cums the hardest from penetrative vaginal sex. And if u wanna know more about her, you’ll acquire to read this neverseen interview with Ms. Lola RICKY!


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