40Something May 2007 Special 147: 70 Photos of Jillian Foxxx

40Something May 2007 Specific 147: 70 Pics of Jillian Foxxx

As another banner issue of 40Something comes to an end, we say goodbye with our latest discovery, hawt Jillian. Jillian is rightfully gratified of her body–after all, that babe works rock hard to look this precious. “I’m a personal trainer, so I work out a lot,” that babe says. “And, I have tons of sex, which helps!”
Jillian admits that this babe has sex at least once a day–and often up to as many as seven times in any one 24-hour period. “I do not masturbate that often,” this babe says. “I just do not have the time! There are lots of erotic partners out there, and I like one as well as the other guys and hotties.”


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