40Something May 2007 Special 147: 70 Photos of Bethann

40Something May 2007 Special 147: 70 Pix of Bethann

“Until my divorce, I was only ever with my hubby and two other boyfriends,” confesses 50-year-old Southern hotty Bethann. The 5-foot-nothing blond was a cheerful homemaker in the diminutive Tennessee town where this babe and her spouse grew up. And they might still be right there playing cheerful families if her cheating dude hadn’t left her for their next-door neighbor–Bethann’s best ally. “Oh, I was spittin’ potty,” Bethann fumes.”Especially since India and me spoken about each little mature thing, including what a dud my hubby was in the sack. He was a real wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am type. India used to call him ‘Ole Two Pumps and a Squirt.’ But I think that was the kind of sex that babe was looking for, ’cause they up and emptied our bank accounts and split town one morning.” Leaving Bethann with the kids, mortgage and an intensive desire to look at if there was more to sex than her husband’s lame lovin’ style. “I am a one-man lady,” Bethann explains, “but I’m plan to have me a admirable look around for that next stud!”


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