40Something May 2007 Special 147: 70 Photos of Alicia DiMarco

40Something May 2007 Peculiar 147: 70 Fotos of Alicia DiMarco

Imagine this. U go on a job interview with a major corporation. The receptionist commands u to take a seat. A scarcely any minutes later, the vision that’s Alicia Di Marco comes out in her bursting-to-contain-her-boobs business suit. This babe leads u to her boss’ office for the interview.
Then, imagine if u got the job. You’d have to view Alicia all day long. How much work would u actually get done? That babe knows exactly the effect this babe is having on you–and that babe loves it. “I always get a lot of attention when I am out,” that babe says, “especially if I forget to wear my undergarment and panties! I usually remember for work, but not all the time!”


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