40Something May 2007: 70 Photos of Serena Lynn

40Something May 2007: 70 Images of Serena Lynn

We couldn’t think of a more amazing cutie to open this edition of 40Something mag. Serena Lynn has one of the hottest, tightest bodies we have ever watched. Who cares if this babe was born on tax day? We’d happily fill in her forms any time of the year!
Slinky Serena tells us she has a small, little bit of a perverted side. “I like to shag in stiletto heels,” this babe candidly confides. No problem, we’d love to bonk her while that babe is wearing ’em! Serena too informs us that she likes men who are “athletic, clean-cut, assertive and spontaneous. I like fellows who are not afraid to get their hands obscene. And like tons of other hotty’s, I have a thing for firemen.” That must be ’cause you are one smoking hawt old playgirl, Serena!


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