40 Something August 2007: 70 Photos of Robin Pachino

40 Smth August 2007: 70 Photos of Robin Pachino

Sexy Robin wasn’t always a sex star. When she graced the cover of 40Something #138, this babe was just getting her feet luscious in the adult entertainment industry. “My mature job was boring,” she said us. “My marriage was boring. My life was boring.” It is not boring anymore. This self-proclaimed bimbo is starring in the DVD MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK and Mechanics, and these images are a mere tanalize of the heat this 50+ nympho exudes on-screen. “I have a little supple streak,” she confesses, “so getting rogered on the smutty floor of a garage was a real turn-on.” For us, also, Robin.
Nowadays, Robin says the majority sex this babe has is when that babe works–and that babe works a lot. “What other job can a woman over Fifty have where this babe receives to copulate fashionable young studs all day and go home with a sore pussy and a paycheck at night?” she asks. Looks like you don’t need any career counseling, Robin. “I’m happier, hornier and larger quantity satisfied now than I have been my whole life,” she says with a smile. “The next 50 years are gonna be even bigger in size quantity gorgeous!”

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