Kailani fucks her hubby’s best friend

Kailani fucks her hubby’s best friend

Kailani fucks her hubby's best friend

When this scene opens, 47-year-old mom Kailani Kai is wearing a tight dress that shows off her big ass and a lot of front and side cleavage. She’s supposed to go out with her husband, but he calls at the last minute and says he can’t make it. Yeah, she’s pissed off. Besides, what kind of idiot stands up a woman like Kailani (not that there are many women like Kailani)?

So Kailani does what any clear-minded, horny, sexy woman would do: She calls her hubby’s best friend and tells him to come right on over. She has something special in mind.

“What’s going on?” he asks.

“I’ll tell you when you get here,” she says.

When he gets there, he asks Kailani where her husband is. Really, who cares, but…

“He’s working again,” she says. “I had this dinner planned. I got all excited and dressed up and…”

Well, what good are best friends if they can’t fuck your wife while you’re stuck at work? Or something like that. Nicky lays the wood on Kailani and she lays her super-voluptuous body on Nicky.

“People ask me what I think are my best features,” Kailani said. “Physically, I would say my boobs and my smile.”

Okay. We’d say her boobs, her smile, her boobs, her personality, her ass, her horniness, her pussy, her legs, her cock-sucking skills, the way she looks when she’s bouncing on top of a cock, her pussy, her ass, her tits. Oh, and did we mention her tits and ass?

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Anilos.com – Keep Me Company added to Anilos.com

Anilos - Keep Me Company

AnilosKeep Me Company

featuring Devyn Lux.

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Dec 30, 2020


Devyn Lux is a lovely housewife who just can’t wait to meet you. She is so fucking wet at the idea of stripping down in front of our cameras. Let this lovely hottie show you all her sexy secrets from her full titties to her red twat that’s ready for your touch.

Cammille Austin and a toy named George

Cammille Austin and a toy named George

Cammille Austin and a toy named George

“I’m sure you’re wondering what this is,” 60-year-old wife, mother and granny Cammille Austin says. “This is a little toy that my husband bought for me. I call him George. He’s quite useful, especially if your husband’s gone and you’re lonely. He works very, very good.”

She puts him aside, and when she does so, she turns and bends over to give us a nice view of her sexy little ass.

“I’m here to show you me,” Cammille says. “I want to show you how my tits look. I want you to imagine how they feel.”

They look very nice. They’re big, round, fake tits with pierced nipples. Cammille takes off her bra and tugs on her nips by the piercings. She reaches down to show you her pussy, which is also pierced (and shaved). She bends over and spreads her ass, giving us a peek at her butthole. At this point, her panties are down around her thighs, then she takes them all the way off and lies down on the couch.

And here comes George! Cammille licks George and puts him under her so she can bounce on top of him. George is one lucky toy! Check out how Camille uses the handle on her funky contraption to fuck her cunt as deeply as possible. She cums a few times and turns around so George can fuck her from behind, and she slaps her ass the way a real man named George would. She cums again and again, but is she finished?

Nope! Camille wants to cum some more, so she spreads her legs and fucks herself with George.

If there’s an afterlife, we want to come back as George.

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Amelia Mack: poolside pussy

Amelia Mack: poolside pussy

Amelia Mack: poolside pussy

“I masturbate so much, I’m quite boring about it,” said Amelia Mack, a 48-year-old divorcee and mom from Wisconsin who lives in Florida. “I turn on a little porn and I cum a lot in seconds. I should take more time, but I’m always horny.”

There’s nothing boring about Amelia in this scene. She’s at an outdoor pool, wearing a bikini, and she obviously doesn’t care if the neighbors can see her. She strips naked and fingers herself until she cums loud and often. Amelia, who has pierced nipples and lots of tats, also gives us lots of fuck talk.

Amelia isn’t a swinger or a nudist. Her two XXX scenes at 40SomethingMag.com (including one in which she gets her ass fucked) are the only two times she’s fucked on-camera. By day, she’s the typical woman-next-door.

“My puppies and I spend a lot of time on the beach,” she said. “I also like to decorate and make things.”

But although she’s a woman-next-door, she told us, “Nothing I do surprises people.”

Amelia’s perfect day: “Morning sex, coffee, the beach, dinner and sex in bed. I’m pretty simple.”

Pretty hot, too.

Amelia’s sexual fantasy: “Men getting off to me, so how crazy is this?”

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If only her son’s friends could see this!

If only her son’s friends could see this!

If only her son's friends could see this!

“I do have a son, and his friends had their eyes on me all the time,” said Lexi Ambrose, a 53-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from Seattle, Washington. “But nothing ever happened. I’m sure they wanted something to happen, but I never crossed that line.”

Instead, she crossed a different kind of line in our studio, fucking young porn studs and doing what she’s doing here: looking super-sexy in and out of her bra, panties and stockings and showing off her outstanding body and superb ass. As you’re about to see, she really enjoys showing off her ass.

Lexi is a dental hygienist, one of those sexy women at the dentist’s office who cleans your teeth while her cleavage is in your face. Dental hygienists and hair stylists have a lot in common. They’re cock teases. Except Lexi doesn’t tease. She delivers.

Lexi is 5’1″ and weighs 112 pounds. She enjoys drawing, writing, running and hot yoga. She says people who know her would be surprised to see her here because “my life is so structured and professional. Reserved.”

Lexi isn’t quite so reserved in this scene. She really gets into playing with herself, sliding two fingers inside her wet pussy to make herself cum.

“I’m just excited to be here because I like new adventures and I have no expectations because I didn’t know anything before I came here, so everything is surprisingly fun,” she said. “Everything is a surprise, and I’m excited for that. It’s fun not knowing everything. You come in and it’s brand new.”

Have fun with Lexi.

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Hot Cream Injection For A Busty Beauty

Hot Cream Injection For A Busty Beauty

Hot Cream Injection For A Busty Beauty

The very beautiful and sensual Katarina Dubrova is ready for the high, hard one. She’s dolled herself up (a girl who looks like Katarina only needs a few seconds to do that) and she’s put on a sexy outfit for the occasion. It won’t stay on very long. She needs to be fully nude and barefoot.

Her man licks her pretty pussy, then gives her his prick to play with, suck, and tit-fuck. She gets on top of him to boob-bang and jerk it as she softly coos sweet sounds. She blows him some more, and then climbs on top after her panties are tossed away.

Taking his boner in hand, Katarina sticks it inside her pussy as he sucks and kisses her fine, perky tits. Then she rides his rod like a cowgirl at a rodeo. Katarina is a natural at doing the hump and pump and she needs no enticing to get him to drill her in reverse-cowgirl, from behind and from the side until his nut spurts deep inside her pussy-hole. She gives every bit as good as she gets.

With his cock still inside her, she massages his ball-bag to drain all of that guy juice. When he withdraws his dick, Katarina squeezes and the man-goo pours out of her creampied pussy to her deep satisfaction.

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Terry Nova Is Nurse Big Tits

Terry Nova Is Nurse Big Tits

Terry Nova Is Nurse Big Tits

Nurse “Big Tits” Terry’s patient is in for a check-up. Nurse Terry tells him that his blood pressure check is fine. The patient begs to see and touch Terry’s big boobs. He’s boob-struck. Obsessed. Over the edge. Fallen hard. There’s no cure. In fact, there is one cure.

Terry leans forward, her bare cleavage exposed like two mounds of pure pleasure under her nurse’s uniform. She lets her patient reach out and touch them. He’s in a trance and mumbles like a crazy man. The feel and weight of Terry’s knockers are unbelievable. He continues to knead them and removes the stethoscope from Terry’s neck so they are out of the way.

The now-demented patient opens up Terry’s uniform, takes her tits out of her bra and sucks on her magnificent nipples. Terry has inverted nipples and stimulation of his hard sucking has raised them to a point. He’s a breast-man, no question. Terry joins him and they each take a nipple and suck with all the suction force they can muster.

Tits spilling out of her uniform, Terry reaches out, lowers his pants, takes his erect horn in her mouth and sucks deep, hands-free. Damn, did we miss Terry! Our cameraman gets in very close and knows to frame out the dude’s face whenever possible except when he licks Terry’s cunt to lubricate it for his dick. Here is the cure for the health care crisis. And her name is Terry Nova.

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