To the edge and back and back afresh!

To the edge and back and back again!

To the edge and back and back again!

The sight of 54-year-old Lena Lewis in a taut, low-cut dress that displays off vast breast valley (and a bit of her bra, likewise) would not appear to be to be the way to cure a 23-year-old of his problem with premature cumshot, but that is the looker of old women: They have their own ways of teaching young lads how to please a lady.

So, yeah, Evan just now cums in his shorts when Lena seductively licks his ear and strokes his crotch. And if this charmer were with a young hotty, he’d probably be done for the day. But he’s not with a youthful hotty. He’s with a old, erotic beast.

“Today’s your lucky day,” Lena tells him. “I’m gonna educate u how to final longer.”

She strokes his cock until this chab gets unbending anew then takes out his weenie and sucks it. Not quite right away, that chap is ready to blow his load, but Lena demands, “Don’t cum yet. I’m plan to tell u when to cum!”

And that’s how it goes. This ladies man fucks her face hole and vagina, and every time that lady-killer gets to the edge of cumming, Lena makes him hold back. Lastly, he is piston-fucking Lena’s gazoo love a expert, and it has the appearance of this ladies man could go all day when Lena says, “I desire u to cum in my hands.” So she cups her hands and catches his ball cream.

We asked Lena what kind of things make her amorous, and she told, “Watching porn, getting bound up and getting a little spanking.”

She is a swinger. She had sex on-camera with Ron Jeremy in 1982 when this babe was only Nineteen years aged. That babe was born in Germany and now lives in Fresh York Town. She is tall, big breasted and blonde, and that babe is one of the horniest sweethearts we’ve ever met.

How lengthy can you jack it previous to you cum for Lena?

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All-natural Gia does a large schlong

All-natural Gia does a larger than average meat-thermometer

All-natural Gia does a larger than run of the mill cock

That babe isn’t a swinger. She isn’t a nudist. She is a 42-year-old cougar from Philadelphia (born in Recent Jersey) who has lengthy, black hair, bigger in size than average fullsome funbags and a hairy vagina. And in this scene, that babe sucks and fucks a large, hard shlong for solely the second time on-camera. That babe does a actually valuable job of sucking balls, too. Gia knows what she’s doing. And that babe looks so worthy when her face is glazed with cum!

Yeah, this is Gia’s second time rogering on-camera, but she truly takes control, stuffing her nice, floppy pointer sisters into Tony’s mouth and riding him rigid. That babe has a precious, bigger than run of the mill a-hole, likewise. Basically, if you’re looking for a real lady who’s natural in every way, Gia’s your Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK.

And she’s the MILF-next-door in each way. She is not into any kinky fetishes. This babe is not at all had sex with some other lady. She says the people who know her unsurpassable would be surprised to watch her here “and my family would not be thrilled.”

Hey, we’re thrilled, and isn’t that what counts?

“I love to figure out, and in my spare time, I love to spend time with family and friends,” this babe said.

Adore we told, she’s just your basic MILF-next-door…who happens to be doing this.

“This may sound boring, but I am indeed a basic cutie,” Gia told. “I don’t need everything insane, just a fellow who enjoys himself with me.”

We can do that!

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Bi-Babe on Vacay

Bi-Babe on Vacay

Bi-Babe on Vacay

We flew Jeni into Miami to discharge those pics. “I love the beach here. Everybody is so attractive,” that babe exclaimed. “Everywhere I turned, there were honeys with scrumptious bodies and hawt, Latin boys. I was panting!

“I’m a true bisexual. I adore engulfing wang, eating pussy, booty drilling boys and beauties, and having threesomes. I truly urge to try squirting on a girl’s face while a boy jizzes on my face. That is my huge dream.”

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Busting in Lena’s tight rectal hole

Busting in Lena’s constricted dark hole

Busting in Lena's tight asshole

Evan, who’s 23 years old, has a problem. His sex life is awful ‘cuz that charmer suffers from premature man cream flow. All a beauty has to do is put her hand on his crotch and this chap cums in buckets. The girls like him…until they acquire into daybed with him, at which point within seconds, he is cumming and they’re left high and dry (or whatsoever excited females are left).

But today’s his fortunate day ‘coz Lena Lewis, his sexy, 54-year-old neighbour, has invited him over. Certainly, things do not kick off out so lucky ‘cuz the second Lena touches his shlong throughout his shorts, Evan does the usual: This chab discharges his load.

But fortunately for Evan, Lena isn’t adore these youthful angels who do not know what to do when a charmer cums likewise pretty soon. This babe knows that guy is young and can get it right back up…especially with a little assist from her loving hands and face hole. This babe is going to trainer him. That babe is going to educate him how to keep from cumming until the time is right. Cuz that is what an competent, maturer lady love Lena knows how to do.

This scene is Lena’s 1st since 2015, when that babe initially appeared at It is great to have her back, and we think this babe looks even more fetching and sexy than before. We asked Lena if this babe viewed her 1st 2 scenes, and that babe told, “Yes! I could not believe it was me! Watching them made me lewd!”

We asked Lena if fucking for changed her at all, and she said, “It’s made me more mad to explore sex in different variations.”

One of these variations: anal. In this scene, Evan bonks Lena’s constricted anus. Now that’d make any skirt chaser bust a nut!

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Joseline Kelly

Joseline Kelly Joseline Kelly
Joseline Kelly @
Poor Joseline Kelly. That babe doesn’t know what’s worse: having to take a self-defense class to ward off the erotic predators at her work place…or her wimpy husband, who can’t do the job for her. So there she is, Joseline, on a Saturday afternoon, in a boxing exotic dancing club, learning how to fight the fine fight if need be. The 1st thing this babe noticed was her instructor, an extraordinarily masculine, well-built dark-skinned Bull. Joseline’s muff began to tingle when they 1st met, and now The Bull has Husband in the ring, using him to demonstrate how to punch a would-be attacker effectively. And with a single punch, Boyfriend is KO’ed. What next? View Joseline run up and hug "the real man", previous to dropping to her knees to blow The Bull. They engulf and copulate during the time that Spouse is out for the count, and just as Joseline is swallowing The Bull’s massive load, Hubby is coming to. Which is great, ‘coz he’s just coherent sufficient to understand Joseline will hire The Bull for every week "workouts"!!
Joseline Kelly Joseline Kelly

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Made In Japan

Made In Japan

Made In Japan

Kaho is an Oriental angel from Tokyo. That babe can’t live with out America and she wants to come visit. “I only listen to American music. My much loved food is McDonald’s. I’ve been practicing my English for years ‘coz I wanna spend a year traveling across the United States. I hope you buy my fotos so I can afford to buy my plane ticket!”

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Pounding Puma

Pounding Puma

Pounding Puma

Puma Swede is a marvelous knockout with a skinny and stacked body. This babe is also one of the funniest SCORE Gals ever and doesn’t take things seriously, although that babe sure takes screwing and deep throating seriously. That babe went from zero to sixty very quickly in the hardcore porn department.

“I’m a boob freak, so I like my love bubbles. And then probably my ribald mind,” Puma said us. “I have a priceless sense of humor, also. I am marvelous positive. I like practical jokes and sex, so it is a wonderful combination.”

Sweden has very long, dark winters.

“That’s why I moved to the United States. But all the way up north in Sweden, in the winter, they acquire adore one hour of daylight, and in the summer the sun doesn’t go down at all. Up north, they gulp a lot, and I suppose they ‘re a little bit depressed, but there aren’t a lot of people up there. There’re more reindeers. But we Swedes are pleased people. I’m very cheerful.

“I worked in computer sales, and I was very admirable coz I’m very persistent. I wanted people to buy, so I’d make them buy from me. But then a boy strolled up to me in Stockholm and told, ‘Do u wanna try modeling?’ and I said, ‘Models are inexperienced.’ Soever. I at not time called him back, but then they had a competition in Stockholm, and my friend went there, and I went with her and a petticoat chaser said, ‘You need to take some test shots. Let us try it,’ so I entered the contest, and I won.”

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