Savannah Fox – Semen pie surprise

Creampie surprise

Creampie surprise

Lives: Holbrook, New York; Occupation: Apartment complex assistant manager; Age: Twenty five; Born: September 2; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 126 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Knickers or G-strings; Anal: Like it a lot; BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: Rarely.

When Savannah visited Miami on vacation, this babe arranged this shag session so this babe could cross one more thing off her dream bucket list. “My boyfriend’s a web site member and I crave to surprise him,” Savannah said. “He’s often told I wouldn’t ever have the nerve to screw one of the males but he’d adore to watch it. I specifically asked to copulate Mirko coz I suppose this dude is super sexy. “I sometimes cum when my dude and I are having anal and I sure as hell did when Mirko was drilling my wazoo. I was real glad when this smooth operator commented about giving me an anal creampie because I knew that’s the kind of pictures that will really get my voyeur husband over the top.”

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Marisa Carlo – No plot. No setup. Just sucking and fucking.

No plot. No setup. Just mouthing and fucking.

No plot. No setup. Just sucking and fucking.

When this scene opens, the ladies man is already having his way with Marisa Carlo’s titties, mouthing these big, F-cup sucklers aggressively whilst that babe groans with joy. Then Marisa sits back and opens her legs a little so we can see her snatch throughout her pantyhose. Then she turns around so the lad can spank her wazoo.

“You like it?” Marisa says, one of the not many things this babe says in this scene other than, “Oh yeah” and “Ah!” and “I love this!” What she loves is having her ass slapped and her wet crack eaten. Basically, in this scene, Marisa, a 46-year-old wife from Mexico, allows herself to be turned into a 23-year-old’s copulate toy. Yes, the boy is half her age, and now he’s ruined for life ‘coz he’s by no means plan to get sucked and banged like Marisa sucks and fucks him.

After Marisa sucks his wang and has been screwed every which way, Mr. Young Guy discharges his cum all over her milk sacks and face. Some of his cum gets into her hair. But this babe doesn’t complain about that. Maybe some beauties would complain about that, but 46-year-old Mexican MILFS who copulate at NOT AT ALL complain about that. They can’t live without it. They might not say so, but they like it. You can see it all over their faces.

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Misty Knights – Night Sticker

Night Sticker

Night Sticker

A lad on a sofa is reading a copy of SCORE mag when a cop barges into his living room. A cop wearing stripper heels?

That’s no cop.

That is Misty Knights in her busty cop stripper outfit. She’s a gift from the dude’s buddy and when her dance is over, they acquire down and dirty. This gogo dancer shags her clients also. Good! Misty is the one who gets busted when he busts his nut in her expecting mouth after they bonk on his couch. That’s what you call a real ally.

How did we find Misty Knights?

On stage at the Miss Bare Porn contest at Tootsie’s Cabaret in North Miami. As part of her act, Misty pulled out a king-size, cock-shaped sextoy with balls that squirted milk when squeezed. Of course, she rogered her snatch with it. Then milk-coated Misty drilled herself with a bottle of Bud. This was one of these times when wearing a raincoat if u were sat close to the stage would be advised. What a lady. We saw SCORE video talent right then and there.

This scene was added to the DVD SCORE Xtra 5.

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Gabrielle Love – Adore Vigour

Love Force

Love Power

The Scorecard letter section at SCORELAND has published 3 letters about Gabrielle Like over the last hardly any weeks–one by a subscriber who had at not time written before. And considering all of the many sensational models we have discovered, that says a lot. She’s got the force. Here she’s another time. Feast your eyes as Gabrielle parts her silky haunches, tit-men.

R.N. writes: “I identify myself returning to this one particular stunner each time for the exquisite moment of joy when I shoot my load. That is what happens to me with Gabrielle Adore. I’ve started masturbating three times over Siri having her way with two jocks, but I at not time fail to turn to Gabrielle when I cum.”

A. writes: “I love Gabrielle Like. She’s the ONE. I’ve been a ages subscriber. Well this is my 1st time ever sending in a comment. Not that I’ve not ever been inspired previous to. Oh the glamourous hotty’s you have given us over the years. It’s just that Ms. Adore has sparked smth inside of me to scream out, ‘Encore, Bravo!'”

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Jazmine – Her longest-ever copulate

Her longest-ever fuck

Her longest-ever fuck

Lives: Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Occupation: Store clerk; Age: Twenty 3; Born: March Twenty; Ht: 5’1″; Wt: 115 pounds; Bras: 34DD; Panties: Victoria’s Secret; Anal: Not tried it; BJs: Absolutely swallow; Diddle: Every couple of days.

“I told myself that getting it on with a chap would be something I’d at not time, ever forget, but I figured that I would not cum coz of all the distractions,” said Jazmine. “Was I ever wrong! Engulfing a bigger-than-usual cock was kinda hard, but remarkably hot at the same time. Banging it was excellent! A larger than typical part of that was ‘coz of J Mac’s screwing skills. It wasn’t lengthy in advance of I had a super climax. I was just about to tell him that I wanted him in my virgin chocolate hole when that charmer gasped that this stud could not last any longer. (He’d already lasted far longer than any other boy I’ve ever fucked.) If I could, I’d give myself a peculiar treat each year and bonk J Mac some other time.”

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Jenna Covelli – Celebrating Jenna’s 51st birthday

Celebrating Jenna’s 51st birthday

Celebrating Jenna's 51st birthday

Yesterday (February 25) was Jenna Covelli’s 51st birthday. Today, this divorcee with the longest teats we have ever seen returns to for more sexin’.

“I’m happy to be back,” Jenna said. “I’m so happy the boyz liked me.”

How can we not like (make that adore) a tall, shapely, busty California golden-haired who always seems to have a smile on her face, even when she’s banging, and, love we said, has the longest areolas we’ve ever viewed. Almost an inch long! Investigate how lengthy and pointy Jenna’s areolas are when she’s on her hands and knees engulfing schlong. Investigate her eye-contact with the camera while she has the 10-Pounder unfathomable in her throat. Look how cheerful she’s to have a wang in her twat!

“I have sex two or three times a day,” said Jenna, who’s a Mommy of 2. Sometimes more.”

As for those nips, Jenna told, “My nipps are very sensitive, and they’re not tough. Just a little tug acquires me concupiscent. No biting! A nibble is ok. Just don’t bite. I couldn’t ever pierce them.”

Hey, no problem, Jenna. We like our ladies natural. Jenna is from Palm Springs, California. She’s a divorcee. That babe used to work in corporate sales. Not anymore.

Happy birthday, Jenna!

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Jamie Foy – Who will Jamie shag next? Maybe u!

Who will Jamie shag next? Maybe u!

Who will Jamie screw next? Maybe you!

“The people I know would be shocked to watch me here,” told 42-year-old divorcee Jamie Foy, who has a teenage daughter back home in Indiana. “I live in a very miniature town that is sexually close-minded. Sex and everything carnal is taboo.”

That is the main reason Jamie decided to pose for Fourty something and do her 1st porno movie scene for 40something

“I don’t go without my way to shock people. That is not my way of doing things. But I do adore doing things that are a little with out the usual, things people don’t await me to do. Very little is taboo with me. I love intend to swinger couples clubs and parties. I adore walking into a crowded room and not knowing who I am going to copulate next.”

She sauntered into our studio and did not know who she was plan to screw next. That’s part of the passion of adult modeling for And she likewise did this.

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