Playing Hooky

Ah, these big breasted school girls. Recipients of the SCORE Scholarship Reward. They’re totally incorrigible. Packing humongous Doc Johnson pussy pleasers in their back packs instead of slip rules and compasses. Picture Karina Hart teetering on her high heels across campus so that babe can make her human biology class on time. When that babe […]

Josie And Her Pussy

“I like humorous boyz who can make me chortle, who are agreeable and are animals in couch,” said Josie Kennedy, a 46-year-old homemaker and part-time model from Ohio. “I like my hair pulled. I like to be spanked but not also hard. I like rough, animalistic sex. I’m not actually a romantic kinda goddess.” That’s […]

Nancy Gets Pounded

> Nancy had been working at the office for years now and while her retirement was approaching quickly she was trying to acquire daily she could in at work to spend time around the fresh boss. Her old boss had been a hot aged guy but when a much younger ladies man took over the […]

Sexin’ Them Titties In The City

Put Renee Ross, Scarlett Rouge, Camelia Davis, Haydee Rodriguez, Selena Castro and Hillary Hooterz in one room, then step back and let the party initiate. The tit suckin’, lickin’ and areola flickin’ was contagious. Tongue touching with tongue tongues, gal juices exchanged, pussies licked, fingered, pushed and rubbed. Group girl-orgy behavior at its randiest. A […]

Kristy’s Hands-On Boob Service

Back in the room at Hooter Hotel in Europe, Mr. Johnson, talent scout for SCORE, receives the knock, correction, mambos, at the door that that Lothario has been contemplating for. Earlier, Johnson had called the British front desk concierge Mandy Pearl for the masseuse to come up. That lady-killer needed some stress busting relief after […]

Reilly and Andie Share a Dick

> Reilly hadn’t been friends with Andie for very long, this babe didn’t usually hang out with honey bunnys who were so much mature than this babe was but when this babe met her one night at one of her prefered bar hangouts they started chatting. The bigger amount they talked the more Reilly started […]

Jenna Satisfaction

Jenna Valentine was the “spooky Goth girl” in high school. “The schlongs would actually throw candy at me and make enjoyment of me. And now they identify me on MySpace and FaceBook and they tell me I’m hot and that they wanna fuck me. I mean, I guess that they made fun of me to […]