The Fuck Of The Irish!

An interview with Avalynne O’Brien, a 45-year-old MILF from Fort Lauderdale, Florida by way of Avalynne, starts this movie. Don’t worry. Avalynne will must the fucking soon sufficient, but 1st we have to know her. She tells us early on that she has a 23-year-old, which puts her well into M.I.L.F. category and makes her […]

A Rack To Reflect Upon

Lanea Love plays tennis and watches football, tennis and basketball. Her prefered teams are the Chargers and the Suns. She likes getting manicures and pedicures and loves to wear shoes that flaunt off her “toe cleavage.” Her carnal dreams usually revolve around being totally dominated by an agressive, assured, well-dressed fellow. She says one of […]

Miss Emma Flashing & Creaming

First up, we’d like to thank Miss Emma over in England for daring to flash outside our apartment. At heart, this babe is the demure sort. “What I love about modeling is being competent to travel and meet people,” says Miss Emma. “You meet so many different people and get to journey to so many […]

The Chesty World Of Lanea Love

Let’s tell u something. This recent hotty Lanea Love is a smokin’ chick. Damn str8. Her flawless body is flawless. The kind of beauty males beat the crap without every other for in a jealous rivalry. Back home in Atlanta, this babe get to have to keep the males off her with a baseball bat. […]

Melissa’s Magnificent Mounds

Pretty Melissa Mandlikova has said at times that this babe doesn’t suit sexily when this babe goes out. Doesn’t wear taut tank-tops or wife-beaters to reveal off her yayas. No short-shorts to unveil off her buxom legs. As sad as it makes us to know this, we know that she’s indeed the shy sort and […]

Getting To Be The Pin-up Doll

Devin has told that her visits to the SCORELAND studio are about “getting to be the pin-up doll, getting to dress up and wear pretty clothing and make-up and high heels.” When this babe is shopping, walking and just out and about, Devin doesn’t dress boldly because she’s at heart a bashful beauty. “I wear […]

Hard-Bodied MILF

Brand-new, hard-bodied HORNY HOUSEWIVES are always welcome at 40Something, and we’re gratified to present Lani Maru, a 54-year-old piece of a-hole who was born in Maui, Hawaii. Lani‘s a housewife, and she’s now living the middle-America life in suburban Michigan, where getting stripped on digital camera is definitely frowned upon. Of course, that makes this […]