Street Walkin’

Street Walkin’

Street Walkin'

When a guy gets really horny, so horny his nuts are swollen, he goes out looking for action. Some go to bars. Some go to strip clubs. Some go to singles mixers. Some call an ex or hit their little black book of girls they know. And some, like this gentleman, cruise the streets looking for hot chicks they can pick up.

Now, what Claire (played by Claire Dames) is wearing as she walks along the boulevard is not any hotter than what girls wear walking in South Beach or Santa Monica or on the Las Vegas Strip. But Claire’s clothing is mega-hot and she has that extra touch of swagger as she walks. The horny driver spots her immediately. He pulls over, thinking she’s a hooker. He needs a mouth and a pussy to fuck.

A little curbside talk and a little drive-time talk and they arrive at his place. Claire looks so fuckable, the driver can’t control himself. Her hot little body is driving him crazy. He pulls his pants down on the staircase and Claire gives him a tremendous dick- and ball-sucking. The camera angles are awesome and so is Claire’s talent at sex. Claire takes off her clothing on the stairs and he licks her pink taco. She digs it.

Claire stands up and teases him with her shapely ass as she walks up the stairs and enters a bedroom. She gets on the bed and starts to rub her clit. The driver follows and immediately spreads her legs and begins fucking her pussy. Claire turns out to be an amazing bed partner. She’s a wild woman, a walking wet dream.

After they fuck in doggy, she tells him that she really wants his big cock in her ass. What Claire wants, Claire gets. His cock is buried in Claire’s sweet asshole for a boiling-hot fuck! And watch what they do for a surprise ending!

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Now pushing 60, Amy returns

Now pushing 60, Amy returns

Now pushing 60, Amy returns

It’s always great to see a hot MILF again after several years. Today, we have the return of Amy, who was 53 when she fucked on-camera for the first time in 2016 and is now 59 years old. She’s a mom and divorcee from the UK, she has big tits and a pierced pussy and she seems to be even hornier than she was before.

“I enjoy painting,” Amy told us. “I also enjoy going for long walks with my dog. I tend to be a quiet girl. Not in bed, of course. I’m definitely not quiet there! I enjoy sunny afternoons drinking coffee and reading the paper. I enjoy nice dinners.”

Back in 2016, after twice fucking young studs on-camera, Amy said, “Doing this is the most fun I’ve ever had.” She also said, “Only a few friends know what I’m doing and they were surprised when they found out. I’m not even a swinger. I’ve never gone more than topless on a nude beach, so I’m not exactly a loose girl.”

One of her friends who wasn’t surprised was 50Plus MILF Molly Maracas, who sent Amy our way.

Amy’s favorite kind of evening: “Drinks, dinner and sex.”

What she wants to do that she’s never done: “Have sex in the snow.”

What’s sexy to her? “Shaven balls.”

Break out the razors, guys!

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featuring Bella Bond.

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Jan 16, 2022


Office sexy is the name of the game for Bella Bond, who is always ready for a midday quickie. This Russian milf will never turn down the opportunity to get naked and feel herself up, from her small breasts with their hard nipples to her dripping cooch that is all wet and ready to cum.

Jessica Bunnington: Date With A Sexy Bunny Baby

Jessica Bunnington: Date With A Sexy Bunny Baby

Jessica Bunnington: Date With A Sexy Bunny Baby

Jessy Bunny has a swanky restaurant date with Tom. While he waits for the hot young bra-buster to dress, Jessy chooses a super-bimbo outfit she thinks will blow his mind before she blows anything else. What she picks out is sure to help her make a spectacular entrance.

When Tom sees what Jessy is wearing, he changes his mind about going out. He thinks she’s dressed too hot. Jealousy? Maybe. Jessy tries her best to change his mind and sits on his knee, her big tits in his face. They both forget about the restaurant when Tom sucks on her nipples. She fills her warm mouth with his cock while he fingers and licks her pussy, a warm-up to a hot fuck. Jessy is a screamer and cries out loudly as Tom plunges into her pussy.

“I love dates like shopping and going to a nice restaurant and then maybe some fun in a hotel later,” Jessy told us. “I want every man and woman to look at my chest, which they always do. People stare and take photos of me when I’m out. I love it! That’s why I came to SCORE, so all the guys out there who love big tits can look.”

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Amy gets a very special delivery

Amy gets a very special delivery

Amy gets a very special delivery

Don’t you love when a package you ordered arrives? Amy, a 59-year-old mom and divorcee from the UK, definitely does. You see, she knows what’s in the box, but what’s about to be in her box? The toys that came in the box and the delivery dude’s cock!

By the way, the delivery dude is young enough to be her son. He’s 32 years younger than her.

We don’t know if this delivery came from Amazon Prime, but Amy is definitely prime, from her beautiful face to her big tits to her pierced pussy and more.

50Plus MILFs: Are you into any fetishes?

Amy: Yes. Latex.

50Plus MILFs: Have you ever had a sexual encounter with another woman?

Amy: Yes, and I loved it!

50Plus MILFs: What’s your sexual fantasy?

Amy: A gang bang.

50Plus MILFs: What sexually satisfies you best?

Amy: Making cocks cum.

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She’s 49 and fine

She’s 49 and fine

She's 49 and fine

“Is this your first porno?” our stud asked Wendy Raine.

“Yes, it is,” said this 49-year-old wife from Virginia.

But you’d never know it from watching her fuck.

“I’m 49 and fine,” she said.

You’d better believe it. Wendy was referred to us by another 40Something gal, Una, and we’ve always said there’s nothing we love more than women referring other women to us. It means they had a great time. Una had a great time. Wendy has a great time.

40Something: What kinds of guys do you like?

Wendy: It doesn’t matter if they are a jock or a little nerdy. Doesn’t matter their ethnicity. I like a guy who knows what they are doing with their hands and their cock. Someone who can control themselves and last for hours doing multiple positions and can please a woman. I love it when they use their fingers and make me squirt all over and use their cock to make me scream.

40Something: Describe your perfect day.

Wendy: My perfect day would be lounging on a clothing-optional beach with a frozen drink in my hand. Good food, nice, cozy dinner followed by dancing at a club. Then back to our room for an extensive session of satisfaction.

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Tit Fuck & Blow Job

Tit Fuck & Blow Job

Tit Fuck & Blow Job

If you love losing your load over slim, shapely girls with big boob jobs, you will love Alexa. G-cupper Alexa lives in Berlin, Germany and travels around the country. She’s a dancer and an erotic entertainer.

We asked one of our photographers about Alexa.

“She’s very professional and extremely relaxed during her shoot. She’s into fetish modeling, which is very big in Germany. She was a great model, very sexy and willing. Very fucking horny. She has this sauciness about her. She’s very extroverted and happy-go-lucky. Even in an everyday situation, not a modeling session, she has this natural flirtatiousness about her, always flirting.”

“Alexa was happy to do a tits and tugs with Neeo, a local big-cock stud I’ve photographed before. Neeo loves big-titted women and likes to take control of them when he has sex. There’s a lot of nipple-sucking and licking, titty-squeezing and lots of tit-fucking in different positions. I shot this in a mix of POV and third-person to get more variety and different angles of Alexa’s tits. They went beyond the usual tits and tugs right away. Alexa is a beautiful head-giver. She took his cock all the way down, and Neeo, very excited by Alexa’s breast-size and her overall looks and enthusiasm, took over and fucked her mouth and cleavage like it was a pussy.”

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