Natalie Monroe – Worthwhile Au Pair Of Boobies

Wonderful Au Pair Of Scones

Nice Au Couple Of Tits

Okay, we have gotta admit smth. We got these fotos of Natalie from a lad who solely found himself as “her employer.” We jumped to the completion that this babe was the maid. Lad, were we incorrect. We had to click this link contact with Natalie ‘coz that babe looks so young, we did not urge to break any laws by posting her images. When we finally got her phone number, we asked her if she’d lose her job as a maid if someone discovered out that that babe took undressed pics.

“I’m not a maid,” this babe exclaimed wildly through a thick Columbian accent. “I’m an au couple! I help the family and live with ‘em whilst I’m in the United State and studying!”

Oops. Oh well. But how did that babe explain that her boss had undressed pics of her?

“He took ‘em, why shouldn’t this chab have them? We have been having sex since the 1st week I arrived here. He said he couldn’t resist, but it was truly me who could not resist. He’s a very successful dentist. That petticoat chaser drives a priceless car. This chab also has a very large…you know. We’ve been relishing each other very much. This chab took those pix when his wife was out of town with her allies. He says that lady-killer will leave her one day for me. I cannot wait!”

Good luck with that, Natalie.

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Angelina Verdi – Butt Missile For A Big breasted Bitch

Wazoo Missile For A Big breasted Doxy

Butt Missile For A Big busted Bimbo

Agreeable bra-stretcher Angelina Verdi is a big-breasted dominatrix who knows exactly what she urges a gent to do to her big juggs, throat, muff and butthole.

Angelina talks about herself and she describes how she likes her bigger than standard billibongs to be treated, using her own hands first to show us. Then the appropriately-named Joey Hogger arrives to give Angelina what she craves.

First, tons of attention paid to her areolas and jugs. Returning the favor, Angelina assumes the position on hands and knees to treat him to her face hole moves, taking knob deeply down her mouth, tongueing, engulfing and kissing the bloated beef as her love bubbles dangle. This chab straddles her chest so she can give him a healthy tit-job.

Hogger licks her snatch to tickle her clit and lube her for facile insertion. They copulate and during the time that she rides his bologna pony on top, tells him to shag her anal opening. That babe has prepared her anal opening for a fill-up, her 1st time on video. This skirt chaser bangs her gazoo in reverse cowgirl and in doggie for deeper thrusts.

Angelina wishes to give him a head, and asks him to pull out and bring it over to her face hole so this babe can “taste her arse.” “Taste her ass.” These words make a dude wish to cry tears of joy.

Angelina gives him a sloppy BJ and hand-job. Her mouth full of weenie, that babe is unable to answer when Hogger asks her how her wazoo tastes. This babe strokes and blows his meat when, with a groan, this chab spurts his cream out all over her bazookas. That babe hungrily swallows as much nut-slop as this babe can.

All in all, we were impressed by big breasted Angelina’s sexual talents. She’s also managed so far to stay out of the greasy clutches of the several porn producers who study and imitate what SCORE does. In fact, we haven’t observed Angelina at all since this scene was shot. That’s the large tit porn lover’s loss.

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Aubrey Star – Lezzie Escape

Lezzie Escape

Lezzie Escape

Are you stuck inside? Has the weather turned frightful where you are? You could use a pick-me-up. How about 2 teenie, miniature angels going lezzie on every other next to a pool? They’re tanning, and what happens after the suntan lotion comes out is hotter than the sun.

Our amateur angel Sammy is getting a lesson in touching with tongue from Aubrey, an 18eighteen glamour model. It’s always been Sammy’s fantasy to take up with the tongue a tight, moist vagina, and we’ve made that fantasy come true! Observe her learn right previous to your eyes. This babe is focusing on the love button, bringing Aubrey to an extraordinary climax. Then it’s Aubrey’s turn to return the favour, lapping up the juices from Sammy’s apprentice pussy!

That should warm u up, ally.

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Olivia Jackson – “My 1st XXX”

“My 1st XXX”

Hawt and stacked Olivia Jackson drew high ratings from SCORELAND members when this babe launched in September. Now she’s willing to try her 1st boy-girl and, smooth operator, is this babe smokin’ hawt. The prediction of the workers was that Olivia would scorch the set and Olivia proved that prediction right.

Olivia has both large love muffins and a foxy caboose. Does this babe attract the tit stud or the arse gent? Or the one and the other?

“Sometimes if they’re boob chaps, they pay more attention to my ass, then the contrary happens with wazoo boys,” says Olivia. “I just think I date boys who dig the one and the other. Chaps like to have me in doggy-style in front of the mirror. I assume when they’re hitting it from the back, it’s just this truly beautiful, perfect butt, and then in the mirror you can see my bouncy bosoms bouncing up and down. Lads cum fast when we do doggy. We acquire to make sure that’s the final position we do. The 1st thing they’re plan to do is lick my cookie. We don’t receive started until they have their face down there. So no doggy-style until I’ve had mine. My prefered is doggy, too. I like it when they slap my ass. When they seize it and pound on it. I love the mirror, likewise. I love to see their facial expressions and see how they’re trying to hold back. I like to tanalise ‘em.”

Olivia enjoys plan to undress clubs with her besties.

“Me and my allies go to Sapphires, which is off Industrial Boulevard, and we go to Potty Horse II and III. We talk to the gals and hang out and drink. Just have a priceless time. The strippers touch me all the time. And I receive lap dances from the strippers. I give ‘em lap dances, too. If they come to me and are smiling and have a priceless personality, I’m like, ‘Yeah, let us do this.’ We just start talking and they rub against my arm and not fast rub on my legs and I rub on their legs and we receive into it from there.”

Olivia Jackson: a shapely supernatural who just did her first SCORELAND boy-girl and likes to go to disrobe clubs. More force to her!

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Mia Monroe – Mom Mia!

Mommy Mia!

Mama Mia!

As non-professional as a newbie can be, 42-year-old Mia Monroe from Missouri makes her worldwide sucking-and-fucking on-camera debut by taking on the titanic wang of the mighty JMac. That might be a daunting way to commence out–and Mia was nervous as this babe sitting in the makeup chair, getting styled by the valuable folks at–but as it turned out, this babe handled JMac well.

Mia is a voluptuous blonde who had not at all modeled before that babe strolled into our studio. Not ever taken off her garments in a club. By no means been a swinger (“Not yet!” this babe told) or nudist. She discovered us on the Internet and dropped us an email.

“People I know would be in total shock if they saw me here,” Mia said.

Mia is a wife and Mother. This babe has been a floral designer, worked on a construction crew and owned a commercial lawn care business. She’s also been a deputy sheriff! Yep, and that could be a first for

No, u don’t receive to keep your hands up when you view her pictures.

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Toni Evans – Large Brit Tit Sex

Big Brit Tit Sex

Big Brit Tit Sex

The great Brit bonk star Toni Evans (also known as Kirstyn Halborg and a bunch of other names) receives rogered by Alberto 1st, then obscene Euro porn chap Pascal joins in and they work Toni over until she’s pounded senseless and overspread in sex cream. Now that’s a pleased ending.

Toni was one time interviewed by Linzi Drew, wife of Brit porn ladies man Ben Dover (Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise 1997). Linzi herself appeared in 30something magazine (SP Thirty eight) and was also on the Boob Cruise in ’97.

“I literally woke up one day and had double-Ds,” Toni recalled. “At the age of nine, I was in a B-cup bra. I came in for such stick at school. I got beaten up and everything.

“I think my first discharge was a ordinary topless shoot for The Sport newspaper. I abhored posing for those fotos. I’d come up to London to stay with some friends and it just went from there. The more I stayed in London, the more wild I became. The more eccentric I became. The more outgoing I became. I wasn’t like one of those cuties who’d be going round flashing my breasts everywhere, but I’d always wear the almost all provocative, the majority see-through outfit I could acquire away with.

“To me the humongous kick was getting in there and getting all glammed-up, getting on-set and getting shagged. Not thinking of the camera. Now looking back if I’d had thought too much about the digital camera I probably wouldn’t at all have done it. It’s subrigid when you’re in this business ‘coz ordinary people do not screw like us, do not talk adore us, do not action like us. Our complete lives are totally different.

“I love D.P.’s. It’s true. ‘coz you just acquire triple orgasms all the time. It truly is astonishing. Do u know, I say this to any woman hand-on-heart; you’ve got to do it. You have just got to do it once in your life so you know.”

Toni is now a glamour modeling agent placing beauties in porn films. This babe meets cuties wherever that babe goes.

“I usually say; ‘Do you fancy earning some additional cash?’ and then I ask them if they’ve got a hubby. Boyfriends are usually bother. I say: ‘Are u into joy and are you open-minded?’ Open minded is the key word, I discover. I know from experience if they’re cute, open-minded and have got a sense of humor that is a great combination to make a top pornstar!”

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Aubrey Star – Sexy for Teacher

Sexy for Teacher

Hot for Teacher

Yes, we know the setup is cheesy. U are a professor, and your young first-year student is seducing you. There’s a reason for that. Aubrey Star is a glamour model for 18eighteen, our sister site. We’re working on a collaborative project and it involves Aubrey Star. It also involves gracious newbie Sammy Daniels, who we showed to you yesterday. It all goes down this weekend, so you’ll wanna stay tuned for that!

Now, focusing on Aubrey. She is 19, five foot three inches tall and weighs approximately a scant hundred pounds. She describes herself as a desperate romantic with a bawdy mind. She says her perfect date would be a cute picnic on the beach followed by killer and nutty fucking. This babe can’t live without older men and eating juicy cunt. She sounds adore our kind of beauty!

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