Cat Bangles – Cat Heats Up Any Kitchen

Cat Heats Up Any Kitchen

Cat Heats Up Any Kitchen

Cat Bangles likes to cook.

“I’m Puerto Rican, so I can cook Spanish food. I lived in the South for two years, so I can cook Southern food. U know, gravy, biscuits, macaroni and cheese and all that. I adore to do a little bit of anything.”

Cat was turned loose in the kitchen. And this babe actually cooked. But not Puerto Rican dishes. Cat cooked herself. And then she used the faucet to nifty off her buxom and hawt Lalin girl body.

What does Cat think about her pictures and videos at SCORELAND? It’s been close to a year since she debuted.

“I adore them,” says Cat. “I am amazed at how sexy the pics are. I even masturbate often to my own magazines!”

That is a helluva endorsement. But the content is solely as worthwhile as the gal. And Cat has the magic.

“I cant prevent looking at ‘em. So sexy! The guy I observed them with was so wanton. I could see his passion on his face and in his pants. We got so lewd.”

No doubt Cat cooked his goose.

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Sadistra – Sadistra’s Smooth Cum-hole

Sadistra’s Smooth Vagina

Sadistra's Smooth Pussy

Lives: Riga, Latvia; Occupation: Dancer; Age: 24; Born: November 23; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 119 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Everything cute; Anal: I keep trying; BJs: I gargle, then spit; Masturbate: Hell yep!

We don’t get also many cuties from Sadistra’s neck of the woods. That’s too bad because we hear Latvian gals are charming sexy and willing for act. We wanted to know how Sadistra learned about our little mag, so we sent her an email. “I am from Latvia, but I grew up in UK with my family,” Sadistra said us. “We moved home when my father had a worthy business opportunity. It was difficult to leave my friends, but I identified a fine way to make the foremost of things. I just started dating plenty of the studs here.”

“Before I left Great Britain, I was courting a boy who loved your mag. That guy especially loved the unshaved gals that u publish. That petticoat chaser kept trying to get me to grow my pubic hair, but I refused. I do not discover it hawt. It is precious for gals who wish that, but it’s not for me. I identify my smooth twat so much more impressive and hawt. I haven’t heard any complaints from the guys here in Latvia. In fact, I’ve had plenty of males here tell me that they have never seen a shaven wet crack in advance of. I guess they are telling the truth ‘coz of how enthusiastically they eat me out. It’s astonishing!”

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Cammille Austin – Big breasted, pierced and lewd

Big-Boob, pierced and lewd

Busty, pierced and wanton<b></b>” title=”Busty, pierced and amorous<b></b>” src=”” /></a> 
<p class=Cammille is the sort of girl who gets our blood flowing to all of the right places. At a vivacious 56, it appears that babe is merely just hitting her erotic prime and she–with the full support of her husband–is indulging her deepest urges with childlike delight.

40SOMETHING: Is this the first time you have modeled professionally?
CAMMILLE: That’s right. I’ve done some home videos and things like that, but at not time in a adept studio like this.

40SOMETHING: So what made u take the jump to discharge with us?
CAMMILLE: It’s exciting. And I would have to say it makes my sex life with my partner more exciting, also. This chab likes it. This guy can’t live out of to check out.

40SOMETHING: So what influenced you to kick off making home videos?
CAMMILLE: Truly, it was my partner. We just started experimenting in the bedroom. It started with pictures, and then we moved on to movie scenes. We would call up some of his friends, and this lady-killer would tape us while we had sex. We indeed enjoyed it and just kept on doing it.

40SOMETHING: So tell us a little bit more about yourself.
CAMMILLE: Well, I’m from Arkansas, and it is a very conservative area. I guess we’re classified as the “Bible Strap.” It’s a tiny community, so if people at home saw me here they would be shocked. Very shocked.

40SOMETHING: What’s your occupation back home?
CAMMILLE: I am a surgical nurse. I really work in the operating room with my partner.

40SOMETHING: Do you and your spouse consider yourselves married couples?
CAMMILLE: No, I don’t think u could call us swinging couples. The rule at our house is that that man shares me, but I do not share him. He’s stuck with me.

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Harley Summers – Rich Girl Receives Rammed

Rich Beauty Gets Rammed

Rich Beauty Gets Stuffed

Occupation: Artist; Age: 30; Born: June Eighteen; Ht: 5’8″; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Straps if I need to; Anal: It’s okay; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: Every single day!

“I’ve at no time truly had to work for cash,” trust-funder Harley said us. “I’m very favourable to have wealthy parents who look after me. That is left me to pursue what matters majority to me, which is having a wonderful time! And for me, a precious time means sex. I lost my virginity to a lad leaving for the military the next day in my daddy’s home office. I wasn’t in love or anything. I was using him. I by no means spoke to him anew, truly. After that, I was hooked on getting off. I had sex once in a boat on the Atlantic. I have had sex on the beach more times than I can count. In fact, I’ve achieved all of my erotic dreams except one. That’s why I am here to have sex on-camera with a porn boy. I cant expect to do it!”

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Emilie – Tall & Toned Sugar Baby

Tall & Toned Sugar Baby

Tall & Toned Sugar Baby

Lives: Art student/model; Age: 20; Born: October 10; Ht: 6′; Wt: 156 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Briefs; Anal: Licking with tongue and fingering; BJs: Gulp it down! Masturbate: Yes.

“I am not originally from the United States,” Emilie said us. She did not must fill us in on that little gem, we knew from the pont of time we got her on the phone. Her accent is charming thick. “I was born in Riga, Latvia, but I moved to New York several years ago to try to become a glamour model. It didn’t decide for me. The photographers, agents, and assistants would try to fuck me. They would tell me that it was the only way to become a big star. I refused! I donot mind sleeping with people, but I’m not a floozy! I will not trade my body for cash.”

We acquire many gals sending us pictures for the overweight checks we pay, but that’s not what Emilie was after. We asked her why this babe sent us these pix of her gaping fur pie and adorably rectal hole. “I am now go out with a smooth operator who takes care of me. That lady-killer has given me anything I could have wanted. He’s supporting me during the time that I study, too. I am so in like! The solely problem is that that buck has a wife. This chab says he’s gonna dump her for me pretty soon, but I dont urge to wait. This dude mentioned once that this Lothario has always enjoyed your magazine and once attempted to receive his wife to submit fotos. She didn’t do it. That babe doesn’t love him enough, but I do!”

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Amy Anderssen – If The Brassiere Fits, Screw Amy’s Milk sacks

If The Bra Fits, Shag Amy’s Boobs

If The Bra Fits, Fuck Amy's Tits

Amy Anderssen has gone shopping. And what did Amy shop for? That garment that is revered by all at SCORELAND. Brassieres. They hold the goodies that Amy likes so dear. This babe can’t live without to shop for them. Dressing her bigger than typical meatballs is very important to Amy.

Amy wants to put on a intimate underneath garment bare modeling unveil for Tony Rubino. That stud won’t have to jack to these Victoria’s Secret catalogs anymore. Not after seeing Amy’s breast valley concert and getting her to play his skin flute. But first, the warm-up.

Amy’s first preference looks also diminutive to cover her immense jugs. “I can make it work,” says Amy. We know this babe will. The candy-colored pair of boulder holders Amy picks exposes a lot of undercleavage and doesn’t cover all of her big areolae. But ya gotta admit, her funbags are thrust forward so far and shoved jointly, you could rest two cocktails on her boob shelf. Tony finds a place for his face in that constricted space.

Amy leaves and returns with 2 more bras. Tony helps her put on a purple number. Amy knows bosoms and brassieres so that babe instructs him on adjusting the fit. It doesn’t pass her test. “There’s too much give to this one,” a frowning Amy tells him. She urges to try the third one if Tony will get his mitts of her hooters.

After putting on bra #3, Amy strikes a pose and asks him what this dude thinks, then aims her bubble ass in his direction and twerks it. Tony buries his face between her butt cheeks. She twerks her arse once more against his package. This fellow cant take anymore.

Amy unbuckles him and engulfs his stiffy between her lips and sucks it hands-free. Her mouth leaks with thick saliva strings. Laying on her back, Amy wishes Tony’s weenie betwixt her super-colossal jugs 1st previous to her pinkalicious pooswaa is filled and screwed in her much loved positions.

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Ginger Dark – What’s on Ginger’s rock hard drive?

What’s on Ginger’s hard drive?

What's on Ginger's hard drive?

Ginger Darksome, a 41-year-old Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK from Recent Jersey (she lives in Los Angeles), is having bother with her laptop computer. It is just not working, so that babe asks Mr. Mac to fix it. But when Mr. Mac starts looking around inside her hard drive, this dude comes up with some saucy photos of Ms. Dark.

“I do some cam-modeling,” Ginger tells him. “Maybe you can help me. Would u love to be on-camera?

Hey, anything to acquire in a brickhouse piece of ass adore Ginger. She’s a golden-haired with worthy, large love bubbles and a big, firm a-hole. She has the kind of body that can take a pounding, and Mr. Mac–alias JMac–bangs her rock hard previous to this chab squirts his juice all over her pretty face.

Ginger used to be a shot hotty. You know, one of these angels who goes around a bar or club selling shots.

“The sexier I looked, the more tips I got,” she said.

Ginger looked very hawt when we identified her on an Internet site for prospective glamour models.

“I wanted to try smth new,” she told.

Banging hung guys on-camera is something fresh for Ms. Dark-skinned, who’s divorced and has 2 children.

“I have been swinging since my 20’s,” she told. “My wildest experience was at a lap dancing club called Role Play when I was the center of attention of a a team fuck with multiple men and hotty’s. Most people I know would not be surprised to watch me here. They know I’ve a wild side. I like being fastened up and blindfolded. I like to suck cock. I’ve sex at least twice a day. I was the host of a group action party with 10 bucks. I’m constantly trying new things, the kinkier the more fantastic.”

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